bushfires cut off mallacoota for weeks

Resilient communications in a time of crisis

Back in January, everyone watched as the residents and tourists at Mallacoota, on Victoria’s far east coast, were forced down to the beach under blood-red skies to escape bushfires that had surrounded the town. Over the next few days, many were evacuated by naval vessels. Those who stayed were cut off for weeks. The roads…

permaculture garden

How I adjusted to the “new normal” a decade ago

I haven’t written much — not even working on my interminable drafts of articles that are piling up — since the pandemic kicked off. Not because I don’t have much to say, but because priorities have changed so much, and all my pandemic-related thoughts are things that I’ve been talking about for ages, and I…

artichoke linocut in green ink on white paper, by alex bayley

Artichoke linocut

I made a thing the other day (then fucked it up experimenting with backgrounds.) Something something ephemerality, I guess.

a rumpled bed with a visible foot, after a hookup

Book review: “The Art of the Hook-up”

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When I heard about Georgie Wolf’s “The Art of the Hook-up: Your Ethical Guide to a Successful Sex Life” and requested a review copy, I was thinking, “Yes! Maybe my confused trans ass can finally get up the nerve to try Grindr!” This is not that book, or not for me, anyway. This book is…