Affiliate links

I use affiliate links on this site to help pay its expenses. Articles may contain affiliate links to the following retailers:

  • Indiebound – centralised search for books in independent bookstores in the US

Links within the text of a post will not be flagged visibly, but you may know they are affiliate links by hovering over them and seeing a web address that starts with “…”

In the references at the bottom of posts, I may include links to “Buy” a book which is also an affiliate link. The “Borrow” link goes to WorldCat, where you can find out whether the book is available in libraries near you.

I choose not to link to Amazon or Amazon-owned bookstores including AbeBooks, Book Depository, etc. Any book which is only available on Amazon will not have a “Buy” link.

Review copies

If I review a copy of a book or other media which has been provided to me for that purpose, I will always disclose it in the text of the post.