ADHD and women/AFAB people

First of all, a list of links to useful articles about how ADHD presents in people assigned female at birth. I include this here because as some of my friends joke, “the first rule of ADHD club is that we always talk about ADHD club.” Most AFAB people aren’t diagnosed as kids, so we figure out our brains by reading… well, stuff like this:

Spend less time online

  • Awareness subtle reminders of how long you’ve been using your computer (OSX only – and sadly it kept crashing on me so I had to remove it. But in theory it would have been great.)
  • block apps and websites in blocks of time (multi-platform)
  • RescueTime see how long you spend in different app, and set goals for less distraction/more productivity (multi-platform)

Fewer distractions when online

  • uBlock Origin for Chrome or Firefox hides ads in your browser.
  • FB Purity remove everything except the few things you do want to see from Facebook (browser extension).
  • Tweetbot manages multiple Twitter accounts, doesn’t show ads, and has exceptionally good mute functions that make time on Twitter much more manageable (OSX and iOS only).

Sleep better

  • Fl.ux shifts your screen from blue to yellow light as the sun sets. (OSX)
  • Night Shift does the same thing on iOS.
  • Kobo Forma ebook reader, ditto. (All current Kobos do this, I don’t know about other ebook readers.)

Spotify playlists