Originally published August 21, 2021
Last updated August 21, 2021
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Nothing more boring than excuses for not having blogged lately, so I won’t.

Remember when blog posts used to be short and just, like, one little idea?

I just wanted to say: I have been working on myself SO FUCKING MUCH for the last decade or so, and one of the things I’ve struggled with is the idea that I have worth and value and all that “You are enough!” instagram feel-good hashtagselfcare thing, which I honestly didn’t really believe at all. Surely I had to be doing all the things and achieving and being perfect and productive and fitting in and helping others and and and…

At some point in a spiral of despair I pulled up the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which says:

Article 1

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Shit. The UN said so? The United Nations? The highest-ranked organisation in the world? That speaks for almost every single person on the planet? Not just some self-help book author or my therapist or my friends who, let’s face it, are deluded by my excellent impostor game? The United. Fucking. Nations. Say’s I’m fine just as I am, from the moment I’m born, and I don’t have to do anything to earn it.


Okay then.

I guess I’d better give the idea some credit.

Alex Bayley is a tech industry refugee, independent researcher, writer, educator and community builder. They live in Ballarat, west of Melbourne, Australia.

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  1. Wigs on November 16, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Alex, you are, and have always been, a wonderful free agent of change.

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